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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Hey bassman, do you play the bass?
Hi Magdlyn
Havent played much in the last few years. I travel a lot for work, so its difficult to commit to any band. Plus, I love time with my little boy sooooo much, too. We've bought a new house 2 years ago, and Ive had a ton of work to do on it.

So, the poor bass has been VERY neglected. However, only last night I retrieved all my cabling and stuff, to get my amp setup in my man cave. So, its getting there.

Ive played all sorts of music, - rock, dinner dance, jass trio, big band jazz, country and even (yuk) barn dance music! Anything for money or fun !!

I'm on utube, I could PM you the link if you're interested?

Oh, I have a 5 string bass by "Samick" (Korean piano company)
Male M, struggling noob.
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