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He says his counselor told him he definitely doesn't have bpd but thinks he just needs to practice emotional control when he gets outside his comfort level.

He then kept blaming me and blaming me and looking at the logs he was clearly trying to argue with me and when I shut him down, he tried manipulation.

He even asked what my feelings would be if he ignored me for 3 weeks or if P ignored me for three weeks and brought up the irritating "we like people for their gifts but love them for their faults" and then went on a tirade about how I should forgive him because he's working to fix things but you know the real reason things happened were because I treated him like a stranger on the trip, etc. etc. and we didn't hang out for a long time before that (two weeks prior, and not more as I was ill and contagious and he has a freaking terminal disease, shitty immune system and I told him that much at the time) so you know what? He can just eff right off :|
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