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This topic has come up before and as a mod it is better for us if one account belongs to one person. If we have infractions to give out then it is better to do so for one person rather than for two when one of the two is not to blame. We have seen many couples fight on here and it is less confusing when there are two accounts. We have had couples share accounts that they fight on and its just a nightmare... I know, you guys would never fight

I respectfully ask that people do not create accounts together.... other sites forbid it on the grounds that it makes things difficult for the mods... if you insist then please at least say who is talking.

As a long time poster on here I am less likely to engage with two people on one account. It makes me uneasy that I don't know who I am talking to. I would be less likely to choose to be friends with people who share an account because I can't guarantee who I am talking too. I would be less likely to support them, give them advice or acknowledge them because I find it creepy and co-dependent. Poly to me is about individuals not creating the borg. That's just me though.
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