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Originally Posted by Legion View Post
Roly, you do as you like, I understand the pressures of a small town. I myself am somewhat reserved in "outing" myself in the firehouse venue though I'm not completely close lipped.
The firehouse venue? Is that where you work? Or is this an expression I'm not familiar with? Thanks for the encouragement.

If no one knows who the poly people are, how do they know how a poly person is?
Good point!

I see being poly now as similar to being gay maybe 30 years ago. Not so much with the violence and hate crimes, but with the misunderstanding, misinformation and prejudices.
I was thinking exactly this today. Coming out as bisexual wasn't a big deal. In fact, at the time it was even "trendy". But poly? As far as social acceptance, it's still way back in the dark ages. People have gotten over the fear of homosexuality and the rediculous stereotypes. For example, watch out if you're a man because all gay men will want you, etc...

But with poly, at least in my little world that is still full of apprehension about coming out, there are similar stereotypes that are difficult to face.
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