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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
It was so odd!! I mean, I guess it's true. If you compared me to a mono person in a long term relationship (assuming both partners are 100% faithful), I would technically be more likely to have a disease simply because I'm dating and sleeping with other people ...
If you were a mono person in a long term relationship, you wouldn't be on OKC. Or else you'd be looking to cheat, in which case one might say you're more likely to have diseases because you're already showing a tendency to lie and hide things, so why not lie and hide your health status too?

So suppose there are two types of people on OKC: poly partnered people, and unpartnered people. Poly partnered people have a regular sex partner for when they get urges. Unpartnered people have to sleep around or keep fuck buddies to satisfy these urges (assuming masturbating is inadequate). Which is more likely to pick up a disease??
Gralson: my husband (works out of town).
Auto: my girlfriend (lives with her husband Zoffee).

The most dangerous phrase in the English language is "we've always done it this way."

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