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Default He's ISFJ & I'm ENFJ

And the descriptions fit us to a *T*

Ok, so that makes sense.

BUT... now we have a bit of a problem... LOL

HE has a 'needs to be needed' issue, and does things that *I* like because, well, he likes to please.

So he's a bit of a service Top.

I really need/want a Dom.

But part of his personality is that he is rather "posessive" of his loved ones, and doesn't like to share (until you become one of his loved ones... if that makes sense)

So. Found an interesting issue with us - somethinge we'd been sorta skirting around for a while - we just didn't have a "name" or a "descripter" for it.

Now we do.

So now to figure out how to work around this. Because, although I'd probably be totally thrilled to have a Dom, and I most certainly want to explore other relationships.... I love him and really wanted him to be that for me.
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