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Default Yeah!

So a lot has happened, but most of it is not really notable. I was in two car wrecks, F was driving in one, and my daughter was in the car, i was driving in the other and i was alone. That led to Tramadol being added to my med regimen and screwing with my actual meds. I spent almost a week in the hospital, F handled it wonderfully.

On other notes, F has moved in, mostly, he still pays rent at his old place but he rarely goes there. I know hes just waiting for John to come home, to take that last test, before he changes his address and stops paying rent there. He helps me pay the bills at the new place and he calls it home.

John will be available for me to talk to again tomorrow. I'm excited. Ill be able to see him again in December. My son misses his daddy. I told him he'd get to talk to his daddy tomorrow. John being home in a month or so is amazing, even though it wont be for long. We get about a month with him before hes off again. and he wants to try to have another baby.

F is good with the kids, he has taken to my son quite well, and my son him. He helps get them to bed and even bought my son a new bed. - a cars toddler bed. He does little things like get juice and reminds them to eat dinner. But I will need help if we have another baby, Im wondering how F will be, if he will help or if I will be alone if John isnt home. Im a group package, and in not to long I will be having another baby.

F is seeing another girl, casually. I like her, and Im ok with the casual thing, I just cant handle him in a relationship right now and I thought that was where it was heading, but a nice talk with them both headed that off, so I think I'm cool with it now. Im going away for the weekend, so F and his girl will spend some alone time together. We will see if Im ok with them next week.

John coming home is going to make or break F and I, and I'm nervous about it. I know that its a big test and I think we are ready for it, but there is John's side of this too. I hope that the boys like each other enough to make this work. Im ready for the transition, well as ready as I can be. I know how I'm going to work my time, I know how my days will go, I know what Im going to do when both of them are here. I've thought about that stuff for a month now.
I miss the hell out of John though and I know it will take us time to re-establish intimacy, it always does, and I know I have to get them both to talk to me about how they are feeling so nothing festers. Ive got a big job in front of me.
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