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Thank you all for your advice.

To answer a few things:
The pregnancy was not unplanned, we just didn't think we'd manage it on the first try. I have issues with cysts as well as endometriosis and the odds are only about 20% that out would happen the first time for anyone.

Regarding S and the other girl, they were in a pool and she was nude. She removed herself from the situation and I didn't find out that it went farther than she wanted until later. She was more irritated that she tried to give him affection and in her words, instead of shaking the hand he took the whole arm. From where I was it looked like consentual kissing mainly because they were submerged in water and I didn't see his arms around her due to where I was located.

I really do want him to get help. He's seeing a counselor once a week and his kidney function has improved. The health issue he's trying to say caused the anxiety was Pericarditis. After he felt ill in the hot tub the night prior, he called his doctor and the fixture told him no more hot tub. The following evening, after the incident with the girl, she removed herself to the hot tub where everyone else was. S staggered over said "I don't care if I die, I'm getting in" and proceeded to nearly fall in, landing on my shoulder.

That behavior is just ridiculous.
I find myself resenting him for nearly ruining the trip.

The more I write the clearer I see that this is just silly of me to think he'd be able to continue a relationship. He needs help and I feel like he uses us as his emotional support and I just cannot do it anymore and have told him that. He's been apologetic and respectful of my needing time but I don't think that's going to fix things.

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