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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
psycho-hose-beasts need love too....just less lube..... they always bring their own... hose beast motto..... be prepared and all

Also ...what a great band name. What kind of covers should they play? I'm thinkin sex pistols ...
A psycho hose beast, cover-band, needs to cover a band who freaked out, that nobody classified their weird-ass lyrics and chords in the category they wanted.
' WE ARE NOT METAL !!!! We are punk ! Can you not tell ??? You idiot !'

' Fuck me, fuck me, my brain`s on cement.
Please me, please me, I need to pay the rent.
Dearie, Dearie, did I forget to tell you ?
Screw me, screw me, I suck for money too.'


Honestly, this is what happens when people constantly say; 'All men are pigs who want to get laid.'
Or, ' women don`t even have to lift a finger to get laid.'

Some turd takes the stereotype, and tries to make it a fact to live by.
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