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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
I`d of broke his finger, before he made it near my hip.....
And it'd serve him right!

I'm afraid I'm not very sympathetic to using illness as an excuse...yeah, not going to work because of a stomach flu is one thing, but this case? Sexual assault, emotional abuse, and just generally being an asshat is not excusable just because of some sickness...terminal or otherwise. You can call me callous and uncaring if you want, but as far as I'm concerned such behavior is completely unacceptable. Making or accepting any excuses cannot lead anywhere apathy or condoning of someone assaulting a friend.

The rest I'll echo the others here. Get rid of S roundly and completely. An individual like this has no business in the lives of anyone other than mental health professionals until he gets himself unfucked. If you have legitimate fears for your wellbeing at his hands, then you have no business having such a person near your future children. Period, end, stop.

Take care of yourself, P and the child. S has earned nothing but the opportunity to take care of himself on his own.
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