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JnR - glad you enjoyed. The whole breakup thing sucks, no question. Sounds like my experience has given you a spark of hope that all isn't lost when that someone special doesn't turn up in the first month. :-)

Re-reading my post, I realize that something I said was a bit vague about the end of my prior relationship. The relationship itself did need to come to an end, for the sake of her primary relationship. What didn't need to happen was the heartbreak, anger, and hurt feelings that came with how we both (technically all 3 of us) handled it. That relationship being the only secondary relationship I'd ever had, it had been 20+ years since I'd actually gone through a breakup of any kind - so I think I was a bit more sensitive too.

Yes, there is plenty of NRE flowing around here right now. It's fun, but we are absolutely taking this slowly. As I mentioned before, she also has some emotional luggage from a prior relationship that we need to figure out as well as all of mine. There's absolutely no reason to rush into anything, especially since we both recognize that there are some foundations here that could support a high quality, long term relationship. The only thing I've probably done a bit quickly was to disable the OKC profile. Not a big deal really, since it's only a couple clicks away from being re-enabled if I ever decide I need it.
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