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Maybe read up on codependent relationships. It sounds like you are struggling with establishing some boundaries in this relationship. You're together all the time, but it might be better to have some breathing space. You realize your bf is probably going to be depressed when the relationship ends -- and how much of this is your responsibility??? Do you each have other friends/support systems, or is the emotional stability of one another primarily your focus? He is "super-romantic" -- that can be a red flag for a codependent personality. Look out -- you could feel terribly guilty about leaving this relationship when you feel you've outgrown it. That guilt can eventually hold you hostage, by the way. The longer time is invested, the more obligation you may feel to this guy -- even at the expense of your own health and happiness.

He should be able to "fare okay" without you. Otherwise, he is using you to fill emotional holes that are HIS -- not your -- responsibility to fill.

Be careful, and don't compromise what you know you need in life to be happy. If this is your first relationship, and you know it won't be your last, this will be a great opportunity to learn and to grow. Best wishes, glad you're here.
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