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Originally Posted by tdn View Post
When she was married, she had an agreement with her husband. They had to introduce their potential lovers to each other and get approval to sleep with said potential lover.

Is that normal? Is that generally how things are done?
One way of many, and not at all uncommon. It all depends on the people involved.

Originally Posted by tdn View Post
I'd much rather have a "don't ask, don't tell" arrangement. I don't want to know who else she's with. Is that reasonable?
Again, depends on the people...and in this case it'll be more between you and her. DADT may not work for her, for whatever reason, and she may be very interested in knowing who it is that you're getting involved with as well. Some can be an emotional requirement, and sometimes it's a matter of maintaining awareness for sexual health reasons...etc.

So, if DADT is not acceptable to her, you may have to decide what level of information you need, and what point it becomes well as what you're comfortable sharing with her.
It all comes down to your own negotiations.
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