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OH COME ON ~ !!!!

She sounds like a keeper ! What a rare gem, that she wants to help you get in touch with your 'jumping-through-hoops-for-scooby-snacks' side !

I don`t get many circus-winners, but this week, something is definitely in the air. Received a email from some 'gentleman' calling me 'hun', and asking me about 20 questions. He knew my name, and asking when we will go out for coffee,....again.

Ummm. I have never met this guy for coffee. I don`t even drink coffee.
Dude who-the-fuck are you ??? I have never met you in my life !

When I told him he had me mixed-up, he tried to work harder to convince me, that maybe he didn't meet me then, but dreamed about it so much, his brain made it into reality.

Nothing quite like a pick-up line, that promotes delusion.
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