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Well funny that. My familiy and friends know my bf. He's lived with us as a roommate for years. They also already know he's the bio-dad of OUR youngest child...

SO I don't have to "introduce him". A new face in our life asked Maca "how does your wife introduce him" and the answer it that honestly-I don't.

Frankly-Maca told his dad today (story on other post) and he couldn't care less. he's happpy if Maca's happy. My friends and siblings feel the same. My closest sibling (who also lives with us) is just happy that we're all on the same page and keeping her in the family!

We did "officially" come out tonight to a friend of 13 years who tends towards religious (christian) fanaticism. It went fine. She actually asked for more info and felt like she "missed boat" so to speak and that her life would be so much easier if her husband and the other man she's in love with and officially just had an affair with could deal with the polyamory concept (as they are also on opposite ends of the US I'm not sure how that would function but whatever).

So overall-we've encountered no major negatives-but we're not really in the habit of having relationships of any sort with judgmental jerks either.............
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