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My wife and I have read through all of your posts. Appreciated (especially opalescent's kinda large post). She can be a bit stubborn which is partly why she believes that this is a good idea, so it's good to get a variety of views. I mostly agree with what has been posted.

My wife is still considering polyamory (I honestly feel kind of stupid for not understanding how this will make our situation any better). But our plan is to work around our current schedules so that we have more time for each other.

It is largely an insecurity issue on her end. I want to show her that I don't think any less of her but it's difficult when only one person is "into it". She used to have a very active lifestyle so this hasn't helped her self-esteem.

Also, there are other complications that have arisen due to her stroke, making sex, romance and intimacy a bit more difficult. There's also been a shift in personality and other such issues.

I just want to clarify...

Is she afraid you'll get too aroused and want to cum? Why? Surely she could get you off with her good hand or hold you while you masturbate, if you feel the need for a release.
I have no interest in sexual gratification. Most people don't believe me when I say this. It gets a bit depressing.

If anyone has anything else to add, that'd be great. Have a good day/night.
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