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Thank you Anna for the link. Very intelligent piece. I believe that Nathan understands completely what we are looking for. I suppose that the kind of relationship D and I are talking about could be considered polygamy because for all intents and purposes, we are looking for a second wife or second husband, which ever we find, and all the responsibilities and benefits that would bring. I think this is something he and I have discussed for so long that we already, in our hearts have accepted a new wife/husband so now we just have to find him/her. I suppose the feelings we have could be compared to those of the polygamist fundamentalists Mormons without the religion part and there may or may not be sexual contact as that would not be a requirement. Don't get me wrong, I love sex and am bisexual but this is an affair of the heart we seek, not of the loins. So if you look at it in the context of polygamy, then this new person would take on the same role as any husband/wife with one of us or both of us, whatever the case may be. One of the biggest things that brought us here is the death of one of us. You hear these romantic stories of couples who are so entwined spiritually and emotionally that when one of them passes on, the other follows shortly thereafter. That would happen to us. The one left would grieve themselves to death. I have two grown children and he has two nearly adult children, we do not have a child together so if one of us dies, we will lose everything of the other. I want to make sure that there is someone there to lean on for whoever is left. So often you hear about a husband who marries within months after the wife's death or visa versa and everyone presumes the 'affair' was happening prior to the spouses death. I believe that it most likely wasn't and that these grieving partners are looking for someone to fill that void, that emptiness and anyone will do. This way, there is a prior relationship, one that has grown and flourished and everyone involved has had to chance to love and witness the kind of life the other may lead after a passing. I saw the term 'line marriage" in the definition section and it kind of describes it to some degree. Say I die first. D and his other wife, B, grieve for me but are very in love themselves and they go on and have a happy life together but the same worries come about for them. So they seek out yet another so that no one will ever be left alone. The find this person, fall in love, and again there are 3. I think it's a wonderful way to live and keep love alive.
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