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And why on earth use a loaded term like "pathologically"?
I honestly meant "psychologically".

Auto-insert issue on Word. Oops.
Or maybe for them, they're just people for whom being poly or mono is not the issue. Perhaps, as for many others (myself included), they view polyamory and monogamy not as something to identify as, but simply relationship structures that they can choose if and when it feels right. Perhaps they didn't need to wrestle with the "am I poly" question, and that knowing the option was available to them was satisfying enough for them.
That could be it. Perhaps they don't over-think these kind of things. Seems to be healthy.

If I'm going to be completely honest here, I wasn't actually expecting any serious answers to that part of my post.

I guess I see labels as being quick reference-cards, descriptive but not prescriptive.
What do you prefer as an alternative to labels? How are things defined?
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