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I do think at the least, a break would be good which is what I've been doing. I haven't seen him since the trip and we've only spoken a few times. How can he love anyone else if he can't love himself? He does attention seeking behavior and requested I "call him out on it" but I declined because it was just another way of him knowing he would get my attention if he posted or said something self-deprecating.

He is acting his normal again but I'm just scared the news would send him into whatever the hell it was he was doing on the trip.

He initially thanked P for caring about him enough to help him and them lashed out at him because he wasn't forgiven/understood on his terms. I've since explained that things like that don't work on his terms.

There is also the concern that he could harm himself.

Mainly I'm feeling vulnerable. I've not known him to be violent but I never thought he'd be the way he was during our trip either.

I know I need to end it, at the very least until he gets help, at most permanently. I had a feeling he saw our relationship as borrowing me versus sharing me and I didn't think any decisions re: conception needed to involve him. I know that will be an issue too as a month in to our relationship, I was told (due to a joke I made) that he felt it was only fair to suit down as a group and discuss any other potential relationships I was interested in.
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