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Originally Posted by Mooseknuckles View Post
I've been dating a beautiful young women for a year now and are very much in love. She's been honest with me about her bisexuality since she found the trust in me to do so. To be honest I'm pretty excited about the concept but have no pratical experience. (...) I'm not just going to share her with anyone.
When I first read your post, it wasn't clear to me that you were looking for a threesome. I'm confused, does "her bisexuality" automatically include you being there at the same time?

Speaking as a shy woman who is pansexual, I can relate to the difficulty in meeting and *eep* talking to women. I literally turn into the awkward pubescent boy when I'm around pretty girls. So I actually don't disagree with the principle of helping her find dates. People have been setting up blind dates since the dawn of time, and many good relationships have started that way.

If a guy came up to me in a bar and said "my girlfriend over there thinks you're really hot and wants to take you home, but she's shy. Don't worry, I'm not some creepy guy who's going to ask to watch or worse, join in. I just want her to have the experience because I support her, but I'll go crash at a buddy's place" then there's a good chance I would consider it, if I was attracted to her and so on.

If a guy came up to me in a bar and said "my girlfriend wants you to come home with us and have a threesome" then I would probably throw my drink in his face.

Lastly, you have to own something to share it. You may support her, encourage her, and help her... but she will be the one sharing herself.
As I am sure any cat owner will be able to tell you,
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