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Originally Posted by cheryl View Post
Here is an experiment that might interest you

In the second experiment, the difference between the men and womens answers almost completely diasppeared.

I just thought this was interesting.
I think that's interesting, too.

I can see what you mean about the inference. In my case, my husband is what I describe as "barely monamorous" in that he doesn't inherently care for romantic relationships, but I'm special so he makes the effort.

So if I found out that my husband was falling in love with another woman, that would be a disaster, not because I'm "polyamorously hypocritical" but because I know what my husband is like, and I know his emotional capacity.

Now, if I found out he had been sexually infidel, I would just be pissed off. He knows that if he talks to me about it, I'll be supportive, barring any major upheavals in the rest of my life that require immediate support and attention. So if he went sneaking around behind my back, I would be hurt and confused.
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