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I am amused.

It's funny when people are like "I'm this way. How does that label me?"

I guess I see labels as being quick reference-cards, descriptive but not prescriptive.

At the end of the day, even "polyamorous" is a loaded label that means different things to everyone who uses it. There are polyamorous people in monogamous relationships, there are monogamous people in polyamorous relationships, and everything in between.

I would say that if you're dating someone new and you're currently single, you don't need to label yourself right of the bat. When you see it going somewhere, then bring up your openness to, but lack of requirement of, a polyamorous relationship. You're in a good position: if the person is 100% mono and wouldn't consider poly, then you win. If the person is 100% poly and wouldn't consider poly, then you win. If, like most people, the person is undecided or has not considered the possibility, you can explore it together.

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