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Question When the BF meets the work friends

Over the past year or so I have felt constrained by my choice not to be completely out to those people closest to me; I pick and choose who knows I'm poly and who thinks I'm Pollyanna. It's been my choice but lately it had felt less than honest.

Sooo...I came out. To most of my friends, all of my work colleagues and some of my family (not the kids or parents, just not ready for that much reality yet). I came out accidentally to my whole damned sports team because I can't use the 'reply' button correctly.

And here's my question: What have been your experiences when your vanilla friends meet your 'others'? I've had an interesting mix of: friends feeling loyal to and protective of my husband (if I'm nice to your BF it means I'm betraying your husband and he's a great guy), some just ignore the elephant in the room and others feel relief ( I KNEW it!). Some women worry that I'll swoop down on their man and suddenly see me as a threat.

So in your lives, oh wise ones...who knows, who doesn't and why? And how did it go the first time you brought another love to a vanilla social event?


Mason Marie
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