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Cool One couple, one account

We are new, and have been told that having one account can be detrimental, but this is how we handle every group we belong to.

We choose to have one account for many reasons. Primarily because it is pointless to have multiple accounts and having to parse messages back and forth constantly. We are a unit. One couple, and hopefully eventually, one group. Romantically we are one person. We are not looking for other partners individually. We don't want multiple relationships or flings. We want one cohesive relationship of multiple people. So it is only reasonable that we present ourselves as a couple looking to add more, and not as individuals looking for our own partners.

This is not meant to condemn anyone who has a different opinion, differences are what make the world good. This is just our personal philosophy and desire.
We are two bodies with one soul.
Polyamory ≠ Polycoitus
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