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Originally Posted by Mooseknuckles View Post
She's been honest with me about her bisexuality since she found the trust in me to do so. To be honest I'm pretty excited about the concept but have no pratical experience. I'm looking for any advice from those who care to take the time to share it with me. While I could just have random sexual encounters with misc third parties, it's not what we want. I'm not just going to share her with anyone. My first concern is in finding a suitable partner, as my GF is very modest and timid, so the job of finding another woman is falling on my shoulders. I've never had any problem in this regard in the past, but this is a whole new dynamic that I'm a little sheepish about. I've always treated the women in my life very well an had many great relationships as a result, most still continue to this day as friendship. I'm trying to avoid as many common mistakes as possible, hopefully with your help.

Is it wise for me to be seeking the other partner at all?

First, do moose have knuckles? I'm very curious!

Second, and more importantly, your GF may be modest and timid but this is not something you should be doing for her.

Have you talked about her wants, about why she is bisexual? Some women just want to have sensual touch with other women but are not as into sexual relationships. Some want to have sex with women but not into emotional relationships. Some are biamorous - meaning they could fall in love with other women. And there are lots more variations, as many variations as there are women. Does she want threesomes with you and another woman? Does she want separate sex with a woman, apart from you? Does she want something more casual, less emotionally involved or maybe a full blown triad where all three of you are involved together? Or something inbetween? It sounds like you (MK) are more interested in an emotional connection with a possible female partner. Does the GF share this ideal? It's ok if she doesn't know - that's a lot to figure out! And it can certainly change over time and circumstances. It's also ok if you don't know yourself what you want. But certainly talk a lot about what you individually and you two as a couple want.
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