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That is something that I would or he would have to accept. We have talked about just this issue for a long time. We would have to be adult enough and open enough to back up and search out own hearts for any feelings of jealousy or resentment. I could not make someone love me any more than he could make someone love him, let alone try to force someone to love the other. All of us, as a unit, would have to 'accept' the differences in our marriage. We don't want a short term, maybe it will work kind of relationship. We want another husband, or wife, another member of our marriage. That to me means the commitment I made to D, would be made to that person as well. And those he made to me, be made to her or him, and visa versa. I've seen this 'unicorn' term floating around and I don't know that I like it because it makes me think we will never find the soul we seek. But, I have hope. We tossed this around for a couple of years now. We just think it's time to act on it.
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