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Originally Posted by Mooseknuckles View Post
Hello Forum!

I've been dating a beautiful young women for a year now and are very much in love. She's been honest with me about her bisexuality since she found the trust in me to do so. To be honest I'm pretty excited about the concept but have no pratical experience. I'm looking for any advice from those who care to take the time to share it with me. While I could just have random sexual encounters with misc third parties, it's not what we want. I'm not just going to share her with anyone. My first concern is in finding a suitable partner, as my GF is very modest and timid, so the job of finding another woman is falling on my shoulders. I've never had any problem in this regard in the past, but this is a whole new dynamic that I'm a little sheepish about. I've always treated the women in my life very well an had many great relationships as a result, most still continue to this day as friendship. I'm trying to avoid as many common mistakes as possible, hopefully with your help.

Is it wise for me to be seeking the other partner at all?

Do I ease into the 'I have a GF who'd like to meet you' conversation over time or just start with it?

Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.


Ugh I have had creepy guys on ok cupid asking me to join them and their gfs for sex. I have had creepy guys on okc asking to join me and my gf for... you guessed it, sex.

I know it's every man's dream, but honestly? I am not that easy and neither is my gf. Maybe it's because were are in our mid 30s and mid 50s respectively.

If I wanna fuck a guy, I find a guy to fuck. If I wanna fuck a girl, I've got my gf for that.
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