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Well, it has been a little over a year since D moved in, and it has been one of the happiest years of my life! Both guys get along sooo well, lots of Xbox 360, war/zombie movies and on the weekends we go to our farm in the country and spend a few hours shooting guns or we go camping/canoeing.

The children love D even more as part of our family. My oldest child, now 12, figured out a few months ago that D and I love each other as more than just friends, and while it was shocking at first, all was well within a few days.

D and I just celebrated 5 years together this go round and his parents and 16 year old son (who stays with us at least every other weekend) have completely accepted me as if I were D's wife.

My parents/siblings are still uncomfortable with our choice to move in together, but we are so much happier than they are in their lives, hopefully one day they will see we are not bad people.

My husband's family knows that D lives with us, but they actually believe that he is just a good family friend who is renting the in-law suite from us - hopefully they NEVER find out the truth, it would be too hard on my wonderful husband.

Anyway, life is GREAT, and getting better all the time!
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