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Originally Posted by TheMDC View Post
She has given me the green light to develop other relationships, too, which is fine, I guess, but that seems damn near impossible for a married man in his 40s. And frankly, I'm not sure if want a relationship with someone else the way she does. I would love to experience the same sort of sexual freedom she's embarking upon but I'm not sure I want another soulmate (or 2 or 3). Does that seem weird? I don't want to sound like I just want to get laid because it isn't just about that.
Relax a bit and just make a new circle of friends. Find activities that interest you and do them. So many times religion becomes our life and when we figure out that we need to go in a different direction, we feel a bit lost. We no longer have the structure of activities the "church" provided/expected/demanded that encompassed our lives before, so now it's time to find groups and activities that peak our true interests.

I did this just recently and am still amazed every time I get together with these people at how much I have in common with them. None of my "church" friends or my husband's friends even had clue about things I am passionate about. Not only do my new friends get my crafty side, they share similar geeky interests.
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