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OK, well things are going well. I was kind of freaking out about the old flame situation, but it turns out he wasn't thinking about going down that road with me anyway, which is good. Much easier to be friends that way. According to him, there's no more attraction on his side (that ship has sailed, he says). I'm still attracted, but not enough to try anything, especially since he's married and not interested. So that's that.

Macho has continued to be not-an-asshole, which is nice. He actually wants to be friends, and not fuck, which is interesting. I gave him a massage last week, and he was pretty grateful for that. He seems to have realized that for him, at this point in his life, foreplay type activities are too intimate for him to share with anybody but someone who he could be in a relationship with, and neither of us feel that way about one another. I thought it was admirable of him to recognize that about himself and share it with me as an explanation for his behavior, though. So, friends it is.

Hot Stuff seems to be coming out of his funk a little, or at least making more of an effort to maintain contact with me. He's messaged me on FB a little, texted me a little bit, etc. I'd sent him a text message with a picture, and I thought that he'd said "hi" in return, but it turned out that he hadn't gotten the picture and was just saying hi. The picture came through two days later. Cell phones. Anyway I thought that it was nice that he was saying hi out of the blue like that; it had been some time since he'd initiated contact.

The other guy (I really need to come up with a nickname for him... his real name would make an excellent nickname because it sounds like a fake name, but at the same time I'd rather not use it since it's unusual enough that his real identity could probably be linked somehow) is fun to play with. He's really nice... I spent the night at his place on Saturday. He took me to breakfast in the morning and we fooled around a little when we got back to his place after breakfast. I finally had the guts to make it explicit that I'm seeing other people, and it turned out (as I'd suspected) that he knew, and was totally fine with it. He said to have fun and not to worry about him, just to let him know if I met someone I wanted to "stick to". He playfully requested that I sleep with him one last time if I did meet someone, and I playfully replied that I did quite enjoy sleeping with him. So that's going well, and I feel better now that I've been explicit rather than implicit in letting him know I'm not exclusive to him.

I've been messaging a few people from OKC. One guy's coming to town from further upstate this weekend and I'll probably meet him then. He's goofy and easy to chat with, we'll see how well we click in person. Another guy lives nearby and identifies himself as being in an open relationship on his profile, and he seems nice. We might meet up at some point for happy hour or something. He asked what's new with my exploration, and I told him a little bit about my current goings-on, and he said it sounds like I'm very busy. I hadn't really thought about it, I guess maybe I am. It doesn't feel that way, though.
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