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Originally Posted by blister View Post
Yes, I suppose you are right. It wouldn't be dishonest to open the relationship up really, from my standpoint, but he would probably interpret it that way in the long run.

I guess I just wish it was possible for a relationship to fade away gradually like a regular friendship without having to "break up"...because really that is what I would hope for. But obviously even -- well, ESPECIALLY -- open relationships require work and talk and hurt feelings when new people come into I guess there's no way an open relationship would protect him from the hurt feelings.

Thanks for replying....I guess I knew the answer though.
I don't know that open relationships require hurt feelings when new people come in to play. Sure, they require work and talk but it is possible to avoid hurt feelings. My husband seems to do pretty well at avoiding hurt feelings when I start seeing new people as long as I continue to make him a priority in my life. I do pretty well at avoiding hurt feelings also a long as he does the same. Maybe I'm reading what you wrote wrong?
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