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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post

I go through these cycles with my friends (all platonic), especially when we are still building and defining the friendship. I start to get depressed and sad because I feel distant and withdrawan or like they are withdrawing from me. I think to myself that maybe I've pushed too far and I'm more interested than they are... Then I meet up with them and all seems good. Sometimes I might push too far, but other times I get too sensative to normal everyday mood changes, etc. Other times, I find I have to push just a little harder and then things move forward again.

I can't speak to your issue with the sex as I don't need that in a close friendship (at least I haven't so far), but I do find that as I grow closer to people I need more contact. So I think that if friendships are to grow (even or maybe especailly platonic ones), contact needs to increase over time. It doesn't even have to be drastic.
I have been feeling like I am isolating myself and I also haven't seen Leo for longer periods of time due to his buying a business.... this could have a lot to do with it actually. We shall see I guess.
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