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I'm going to play devil's advocate. For no reason other than I can.

I have been in a mono relationship for ten years. We are extremely happy and healthy in our relationship. We embark on polyamory for no other reason than to give it a try and shake things up a bit.

Ten years and we can actually still conceive a future of monogomy because we love each other that much.

My point is this though: we were not always so great. We have surpassed many obstacles. We met as teenagers and thus became adults together. We tackled every problem thrown at us (jealousy included) and with EXTREME dedication and hard work, got through it all.

Now, if we chose polyamory five years ago when we faced those problems, it could be conceived that we actually put in less effort to our relationship and took the easy way out (found someone else who could satisfy us). This could actually be unhealthy.

Instead, we took a look at what we needed from eachother. And we have spent the last ten years perfecting that. We love eachother that much.

So, all I am saying (and this post may in fact not be pertinent at all) is that at least in our case, polyamory would have been more unhealthy than monogomy had we chosen to do so back then.

I really hope this makes sense. Cause it is late and I might be rambling.

(also, not sure if it matters, but we are both atheists so we have no religious binds)

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