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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
The problem as I see it Nycindie, is that he will have to know because she wants to be able to visit these men out of town. Becauit will because they have kids and he has expectations of what a "good mother" does, I suspect that any arrangements that she makes to go visit her male friends will have to be run by him.
The distance issue does more to inhibit the amount of time I get with them than the way we spend it. I drove 2 hrs each way to see one of them not long ago, with my husband's blessing, and that was the furthest I've pushed for that relationship. The other one lives 5 hrs away so I am totally dependent on his passing through town (which he did today, and we got a whopping hour to spend together). Either way, it always feel like the clock is ticking and goodbye comes too soon.
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