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Default opening up relationship vs. just breaking up


Have browsed the site a bit, but this is my first post...I'm afraid it sounds like a bit of an asshole-y question, but I am wondering if anyone has ever had experience with opening up a (monogamous) relationship when they they were thinking of breaking up.

My boyfriend and I have been together for several months, and, perhaps because it was both of our first relationship, we're together all the time. That said, we also started out both interested in having an open relationship. Nothing came of our open-ness, though, and, after a problematic period between us, we decided against being open for the time being.

Anyway, I know that this is not a life-long romantic monogamous relationship, and know at some point we'll go separate ways, at least as exclusive lovers. Pretty sure my super-romantic friend does not acknowledge this, will be hurt by this reality, and possibly will get really depressed. But at this point, I'd like to go out with other people.

I don't want to cut off contact with him, both because I would enjoy staying his friend/some-time lover, and also, not unrelatedly, I want to make sure he fares okay.

I'm considering bringing up having an open relationship and seeing where things go from there instead of just cutting off things completely.

Just wondering if anyone has done this... I know it sound like a bad idea in many ways, but I wish it could be possible.

Thanks....and sorry if this question seems at all infantile.
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