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To me, what you're describing is polyamory. To me, it's the ability to love more than one person. I believe that all humans are naturally polyamorous
I like that perspective.

Let me tell you about a (real life) couple that I know of. They've been married for just under 40 years now. One aspect of their relationship is that they are free to have sexual/romantic relationships with other people as long as they are completely honest and open about it with each other.

Now, in the 44 or so years that they have known each other, neither of them have had sex with other people, or had poly relationships with other people (admittedly, they could've been lying to me. I don't know why they would though).

So, what does this mean?

Are they naturally poly, but have never met anyone that they have had a serious interest in? Are they naturally poly, but don't want to deal with the complications that come with acting out their desires? Are they naturally poly, but have no interest in acting out on their desires due to (ingrained) learned behaviour? Or (this is what I think) are they pathologically incabable of anything but monogamy? These are all rhetoricals btw.

I believe that a minority of people are naturally monogamous, another minority are naturally polyamorous...and everybody else is in the middle somewhere.

Human sexuality is really f*cking diverse. Why is it that some people enjoy being covered in feces, while other people don't? Why is it that some people enjoy dressing up in diapers, while other people don't? Why is it that some people enjoy having sex with morbidly obese people, while other people don't? Maybe I find the idea of covering fat people in feces while wearing a diaper on my head unappealing because I'm "sexually repressed"...hmm?

Secondly, from a biological perspective, the feelings of love and the desire for sex are chemical based. Perhaps because of this, some people are physiologically built for monogamy while others are not.

Anyways, that's my 2.
Well-rounded ?
That's the word. I'm sticking with fidelitiflexible though. It rolls off the tongue.

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