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Mono has his place back! It took two months (?) But he's back home. He just needs a toilet. That should be in today.

It went well all of us together. I am impressed with us. The lack of privacy was an issue and it created a dynamic that I enjoyed somewhat but also realized I would not want in the future necessarily. We were more like room mates than a vee. I missed alone time with both men and realized how important having that is. Mono and I have our own routines and so do PN and I. I live two separate lives with them and like it like that.

My parents dog tripped and fell on the porch the other night and she broke her back. It was a horrific experience that resulted in her being put down after dragging her large droopy body to the emergency vet. She was an old dog, but in good health. It was really hard for all of us.

On top of that the really old cat got out. She has dementia and wandered off. No one could find her. It turned out that someone picked her up and took her to the pound. Mono, PN and LB all pitched in with flash lights to search the neighborhood looking for her while my parents and I were at the vet. They were very grateful. Even if she wasn't found until the pound called the next day. It was a moment in our family history of coming together to support and help out my parents and their pets. It just sealed for us more how important it is to have family, chosen or otherwise.
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