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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Well, now that you've revealed that much, I will probe some more! Are you all Europeans? I was wondering if any of you are American ex-pats.

I've only been to Europe twice: once to Spain and another time to Austria and Germany. Loved both trips. Other countries I've been to were New Zealand, Costa Rica, Mexico, and several islands in the Caribbean, but I would love to take off some time and explore Europe.
Yes, we're all Europeans and in fact we all have the same nationality. So originally we're from the same country. Alec and rory moved away from here and I moved to the same country as them around the same time although we didn't know each other then. Me and rory met in that other country in my last month there. We started the relationship and a couple of weeks from that I moved back to our home country, back to JJ, and here we are now. Waiting to move back to the other country, this time with JJ.

I've traveled quite a lot around Europe. It's really convinient because the flights are short and cheap so it's easy to make for example weekend trips. I love the cultural variety you can find in Europe. Countries so close to each other can be quite different and that's fascinating.
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