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Default More about me?

Umm I kind of realized that I didn't say very much about myself...

How new am I... let's just say I'm still riding the high I felt when I first discovered that polyamory communities exist!! I'm not the only one!? Woohoo!

I can "conversationally" speak French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and getting know a little bit more Greek & ASL. Languages = hobby for me.

I like to write poetry and starting to teach myself keyboard (this is going very slowly, i'd appreciate some help! haha...) so I can start writing songs. I love to sing... although not everyone loves to listen to it - too BAD!

I also love health & fitness, love to work out, I go to circuit training classes on Tuesdays & Saturdays and (tres exciting!) I'm starting a pole dancing class on Wednesdays... We'll see how long that lasts, but should be a blast and I hear it's a great workout. I did Kundalini/Hatha yoga for 6 years, dream of being certified... but haven't done any lately, maybe I need a muse? haha

Also love massage therapy, I have a text book and a portable table but I need more bodies to practice on... someday I might get certified in that too... lol but teaching myself is so FUN!

Blah blah tooting my own horn blah blah

I'm independent, live on my own, support myself and... need to get my oil changed... damn I can't believe I forgot again!!

Very nice to meet you, ladies & gentlemen now let's have some fun.

Sheeeew that's a lot of smiley faces haha i'm getting silly after a long day... it happens a-lot. (Don't say I didn't warn you.)
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