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Originally Posted by bassman View Post
Well, I hope I dont hi-jack this thread. But I am the one who wont go to counselling right now. It was my idea to go in the first place. After about 3 meetings I got the feeling the counsellor wasnt interested in me much. Then I got a red flag when her and my wife thought I was crazy when I said the following - "I want to share my sexual desires and fantasies with my wife".
The counsellor couldnt be bothered to turn up to the next meeting ! She stood us up . errm, excuse me, but I took a risk to reveal myself to this person, I was dumb enough to trust her. How much did she care if she cant be bothered to turn up? I'll tell you how much - sweet fa, thats how much. I might think again in a few years time, but right now I am not taking that risk again, thank you!
Finding a counselor is very personal. If you are getting red flags from the counselor, try and search for another one. I wasn't comfortable bringing up nitty gritty specifics with our counselor for at least 3-5 meetings. It took me a while to really determine if she was someone that would be fair to both of us before I started in on some of the messier issues. I didn't want someone that would just take my side or his side.
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