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Default Thin walls and indulgence

Another week has passed and we are still moving closer together and each person begins to cultivate a special spot in the heart of the other(s) despite the dynamic being so new.

Sward is still stressed because of the situation at work and loves to come home to us to find mostly everything taken care of. I feared that he would feel uncomfortable because of the 'changed' place he was used to call 'home'. That the presence of Lin would strain his nerves even more. But he feels relieved. Lin and I prepare food, look after the flat, do the daily chores and go shopping. All things that he needed to do with me normally, sometimes even after a hard day at work. We definitely have more time on our hands for private stuff, while we get more things done in the meantime. As long as Lin is still in search of work, he does all he can to be of help around the house. Even I noted that some things were done by the time I came home and it feels great to be surprised like that.

Lin's room is finally finished. They just came back from our do-it-yourself store, where they bought some shelves and a laundry basket for the room. Yesterday, Lin and I slept the first night in his room and the room itself is looking quite nicely now. But well there is a huge BUT here unfortunately.

The walls are thin like paper. We can hear every step the other parties in the house do, especially in the morning when they leave for work or go for a walk with the dogs. Sward and I have had some problems to sleep in the past, we asked them to treat us and our sleep with a bit more respect but it didn't help. But now Lin is sleeping inside the room that is directly linked to the wooden staircase of the whole building. It's soooo loud. We need to fix this as soon as possible.

Another problem are the noises. Especially the ones that are able to escape from Lin's room to the hallway. I could hear him clear his throat when I went by to get something from the cellar. We are kind of clueless how we should handle this delicate issue at the moment. I hope that they are creative and find a solution asap. It doesn't matter if the door is open or closed at the moment

I am done for today and will take a shower and cuddle up with them on the sofa. I think that it would be really hard by now to think of evenings without this homey atmosphere and languorous ease that they are able to provide for me within seconds after I lay down between them.
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