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My husband of 17 years, Macbeth, and I live in the Pacific Northwest. We began our venture into poly a few months ago. We have an 11 year old daughter. I am a mental health professional in private practice and my husband is an actor/stay at home dad. We are deeply in love and had been discussing opening our relationship "in jest" for several years. In early August this year, we had the first talk without adding the "just kidding."

Shortly thereafter I began dating a good friend in our social circle, and we have developed a wonderful loving relationship. He is monogomous and rather confused by the poly concept. He simply sees himself as someone who is in love with me, and grateful that my husband accepts our love for each other. My husband has a wonderful girlfriend who is poly. We have had one short gathering including me, my boyfriend SC, my husband, his girlfriend JH, and her boyfriend B. We have the makings of a wonderful tribe.

We never imagined how wonderful adding new loves would enrich our lives, and are so grateful that we stopped the "joking" and started on the path.
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