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So far, with only 13 votes, the results are inconclusive at best.

However, there's still an interesting bias showing up. Only one male chose spiritual. Most females chose spiritual, and most males chose scientific.

Does this reveal much? No. And the first post mentions as such.

For example, a poll asking "Would you prefer to be partnered up with somebody physically attractive, OR would you prefer to be partnered up with somebody intellectually stimulating?" would not answer the question of whether or not people, in general, prefer a nice mixture of those two feats.

But if such poll did show a strong bias, it would be interesting to note, at the least. If such poll was, let's say, expanded to include options for men and women, and then showed an unambiguous bias, the results would further be interesting.

I came in with the assumption that polyamorous people are just like all other people: subject to the same forces of nature. What the results are currently leaning towards is that males either are, or prefer to be, objective, etc., and that females either are, or prefer to be, emotional, etc.

If indicative of any truths, the results are only something worth noting. They are not hard-and-fast rules, and to follow them blindly would carry much peril.

On another note, I find it interesting that not everybody voted. The prevailing reason given by those who've commented was the refusal to be neatly grouped into a category, further to be dissected by somebody of no consequence.

I hope this answers a question or two.
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