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I wont say things have changed in the past couple months. Hours JUST went back to Normal a week ago so no talking has been done at all. Lots of apologies but no discussions. I have felt like he put our relationship on the back burner. Since it took him 2 months to even start to talk to me.Im having trouble forgiving and forgetting..I am sure that eventually we will be ok. I was really frustrated 2 weeks ago when he decided he would finally say something to me and it was the same lame ass excuses. But now he seems to be trying to make a effort instead of ignoring it and hoping it will just go away. He even had my best friend over here tonight to celebrate my bday(he actually did this all on his own) And well..normally I plan my own bday if its even somewhat celebrated so its a big step lol. Hope things will get better soon. I hate living in silence.
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