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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
Or maybe, you could use the 'search' and 'tag' feature. It`s free. No fees.

To be honest, I tuned out after the 'Me-me-me I communicate this way, me-me-me' stuff.
I don`t think it`ll tire out though, people love to talk about themselves far to much.
Wow, I didn't think a preemptive explanation--which I'm pretty sure I would have had to give at some point, based on every sincere, in-depth discussion I've ever had on every forum on which I've been--would be seen as me-me-me. I was under the mistaken impression that letting people know where I'm coming from and how I process things would be a good thing. I'm sorry I made you read through two pages of a post to which you obviously indeed tuned out after the first paragraph. Can I ask if you always tune out to posts where people are talking about themselves, or is it only when related to certain subject matter?
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