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Originally Posted by Mooseknuckles View Post

I'm not really looking for a 'unicorn' (stupid label I might add) at all. I've known plenty of amazing, beautiful, young bi women, maybe I'm just lucky. I fully expect this to be a complex endeviour but no more then any successful mono relationship. I'm just looking to people with more experience in such situations to help me along. I've based all my previous relationships on honesty and expect this is the best course to follow in this case. With roughly half the mono marriages in North America ending in divorce these days I find your claim that it's an illusion a little dubious. A successful relationship of any type needs the right formula to balance the equation, I'm just trying to figure out the way to work with a new variable. Just want to avoid as much of the trial and error as possible.
Do you know what a unicorn is? Its a common term in poly... check the tags and the definition thread for more. Do an on line search if you don't want to read here.

If you are looking for a woman to join your relationship exclusively, then you are looking for a unicorn. Is that what you are looking for?
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