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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Yes indeed. In actuality, I hadn't actually listened to real radio in , well, years. Since most stations are owned by the same big conglomerates, I became quite disillusioned by New York radio -- which used to be cutting edge when I was your age, SG. I'm so jealous of my sister who lives in San Diego where they can get Mexican radio that doesn't have to comply with the FCC. We both have an affinity for 80s alternative music, though I'm also quite fond of 70s music. You have to understand that radio in the 70s wasn't so focused on narrow genres. You would hear all kinds of music on one station, so it was possible to develop a diverse musical knowledge. Rock, bluegrass, funk, it was great. But anyway, NY radio started to suck about ten years ago and I stopped listening to it.

So now I usually listen to internet radio, but sometimes I just don't want to turn my computer on. Actual radio is very convenient - just turn it on & move the dial! I hate that I have to be online to listen to music. Now I've recently discovered that some really good stations that actually still play vinyl are broadcasting both on the airwaves and online -- and I can get them in pretty good, even though my radio (with cassette player, omg!) sits on a windowsill that looks out onto a brick alley. I don't know how I'm getting any reception. And so I was moving the dial, found an oldies station and got annoyed that the music of my youth is now considered an oldie. To me, oldies are supposed to be my mother's music - you know, Elvis Presley, not Elvis Costello!
Hehe Elvis Presley. My dad loved him too. I'd consider oldies to be 20s and 30s Jazz scene though. But even then, I'm quite into it. I've developed a wide taste of music without radio. Often I just download bands that look interesting.
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