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I just want to hug you. It really seems like she's a bit of a trainwreck and she's manipulating HARD. It's good that you're willing to be open and figure out where to go from here rationally and it's good that the Master she had was honest with her. D/s isn't for everybody, but for those who it works out for it can really fulfill an emotional need and it's understanding how she can fall for someone who gives her that. That being said submission isn't about giving up your body or crawling around on the floor or making sandwiches naked. It's about trust and respect. You trust your dom to know your physical and emotional limits and respect you enough to stretch them, not break them, for your MUTUAL pleasure. There's (or at least there should be) a lot of care in the relationship. I guess what I'm saying is there is a chance that she could develop feelings for a Dom again at some point. That being said there's difference degrees. Some people have relationships (I had a friend who married her dom), some people pay for it and come to have a sort of friend/therapist dynamic. *shrug* It just depends on the people involved.
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