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Magdlyn, Ive started the book ! It looks fantastic, thanks so much for that!!!

So, we (my wife and I, that is) had some good steps forward this week.

We had a lunch date ( a date is unusual for us, we have a little boy and not much family around to babysit ). We went out for lunch, and had a really nice chat and meal . Then, a whole lot of things happened to encourage me !!

1) Shes a bit of a staunch Christian, but she is a geologist too, and she's finally come round to evolution being the truth - (I mean, she works with the evidence all day !) This is huge for her - she's normally just taken anything that anyone says in front of the church to be the truth. So, this is a vital sign to me that she is starting to think for herself !!

2) She went commando style - (no underwear!) - ok, she wore jeans, so its no big deal, but it is for US/HER !!

3) After our lunch date, we went home and watched a sexy dvd - she has never done this before, and had always been outspokenly against anything like "porn" at all. So I chose a very soft one for us to watch, and she said it was too soft !! So she wants something more raunchy - I'm now seeking out female directors' porn (any suggestions anyone?)

4) She said she might want to get a tatoo - I said "just do it!" - so, we're thinking about where to have one/what to have.

5) She was telling me how, when she was a teen, she felt so unattractive. But she was remembering how many guys used to come round and see her, and that yes, they must have been interested, but for some reason they never made a move (I think her ultra-conservative church thinking put them off myself)

These are baby steps, but they are huge for her. And for me its really exciting to see her re-scripting those bad old scripts !!! I'm loving it !
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