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Our girlfriend told her mother first. She was not really accepting of the situation, however, she told her that she still loved her and given time, she would come around to accept it.

My husband's mother does not know the complete story of our relationship. However, I do suspect when she finds out that she will not be very happy. Although, having a sister-in-law who has a same-sex marriage opens the door a little more.

As for me, I was raised a Southern Baptist...i.e., the most hypocritical people in the world. While my love for the female didn't start until later in my life, my husband was wonderful enough to let me explore that side and here we are. My father does not know at all...and it is doubtful that he will ever know, unless someone else tells him. He is one of those devout Southern Baptist who live by the credo, it is this way because it is right. I can respect his feelings. My mother has always been my best friend. There has been very little I have not ever been able to tell her. I have kept this part of my life a secret from her until recently. When I told her, with the help of my girlfriend, she listened, told me she did not agree with it because that is not how I was raised, but that she still loves me.

In the end, I agree with have to do this when you feel ready. There are those in life that will accept your choice and never say anything or act like anything is wrong; on the other hand, there are those that will sit in judgment of you and the choice you make. I do struggle somewhat with my upbringing and the choices I have made, but in the end, I would rather deal with the way things are now than deny who and what I really am...
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